Blog Tools Review – What Site Should I Choose For My Blog?

Many of us that are just starting out in the blog community wonder what would be the best blog for me and my business. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress ( and the one I use myself ) Blogger is another great option and does very well in the search engines along with WordPress. There is also a third choice to pick from called Live Journal, I have heard this is the best community driven one.

Here is a breakdown of what each company offers:

This is the most widely used by bloggers and is the easiest in my opinion. There are many themes to choose from with a WordPress free hosting account, and a free acount comes with all the feratures you need to start earning online. When you decided to purchase a hosting account, you will have access to WordPress in all its glory. The plugins are wonderful if you have a paid host and domain, there are new ones coming out everyday. Also free WordPress theme sites as well as paid themes are readily available to all those interested in more themes for their blogs.

bloggerBlogger: Blogger is widely used by beginners because of its ease of use. I started with WordPress, but for many Blogger will be their first blog. blogger is great because it is so easy to make your blog with little website building knowledge. After you sign up for an account they will walk you through step-by-step on how to properly set up your new blog. Blogger is a company of Google, so this is ideal for using Adsense on your site. Blogger will even walk you through the process of signing up with Google Adsense. Blogger does suffer from a lack of templates at the moment, but I am sure that will change as time goes on.

livejournalLive Journal: As I said before, I have not used Live Journal. Live Journal offers a free blog as well as a paid on. The bad thing about this is you will have to purchase the paid acount before you will be able to use a lot of the features

I hope this will help your desision in which blogging platform to use. I would recommend trying them all ( since they are free ) and then see which one(s) work best for you. Later on in your blogging life you will want to upgrade to a host, Come back to Make Lots for honest in-depth reviews of the best ( and worst ) web hosts.


9 thoughts on “Blog Tools Review – What Site Should I Choose For My Blog?”

  1. I had some problems with blogger myself so I switched to wordpress, It has been pretty nice so far “fingers crossed”.

  2. Thanks for the article Donald. To respond to John: that is simply untrue about blogging, it is NOT a waste of time at all if you know what your doing. Try monetizing your blog and you might see some success in your future.

  3. Thanks also for the article donald. Just found your site recently, looks good. I agree with Vanessa that blogging can definitely be a profitable and also rewarding experience. Another great thing about blogging is that it is easy for beginners to get started. Blogger is probably the most simply but I would also recommend you learn WordPress so you can get the most out of your blogging experience.

  4. Thank you all for adding to the discussion, I really do appreciate your incites and thoughts.

    John202: Hi John, I hope that you will give blogging another shot, because I simply believe there is too much to miss if you give up on it. HTML definitely has its benefits, but I think both formats can coexist peacefully.

    Richard: Hi Richard, I am glad you enjoyed my article. I have been working on a Do Follow list that is current, instead of all these Do Follow lists that are outdated, and most sites are No Follow. The next update you will see this report.

    Hope to see you all again soon at Make Lots!

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